Tour 07 Days


This comprehensive tour begins with 6 nights based in the centre of the island’s famous Cultural Triangle, enabling you to explore the sites of the island’s ancient culture, and even go on safari, at a leisurely pace. The appreciation of the island’s diverse culture continues with a two-night stay in Kandy, the capital of the former medieval kingdom, with a cultural dance performance and a visit to the legendary Temple of the Tooth. Experience the colonial culture that thrived on tea production during a stay at the hill station of Nuwara Eliya before a chance to explore Colombo with its grand Edwardian buildings and a visit to wander the cobbled streets of the colonial fort of Galle, number 200 on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites, with its ramparts, cobbled streets and boutique shops.

Day 01 : Colombo

From Airport to Colombo.


The city of the sky-rising buildings, the federation of street sellers – the one-of-a-kind semi culture of trading, the city with the bustling business and places you could roam around all the way. Watch the sun drift down to the ocean while eating an authentic isso-wade (a prawn food item) at the beaches and you can name it ‘The City’ of Lanka.

Day 02 & Day 03 : Rathnapura

Visit Sinharaja forest.

Sinharaja forest heritage

One of the UNESCO world heritage sites, Sinharaja stands to present the most exotic of tropical country paradise you have ever witnesses. Still unexplored to the depth, this beautiful rain forest will remind you about the beauty of Mother Nature and how small and insignificant we are in this world. Home to many native species, the wild life, the streams and the beautiful small water falls will mesmerize you with its own grandeur.

With Attraction Leisure, you get a close up with this beautiful wild and exotic forest and make u a tree lover with its wonderful plants and wines. The lush greenery will be the best of Sri Lanka for you.

Visit Saman dewalaya.

Saman Devalaya in Rathnapura

Saman Dewalaya, the shrine of god saman is a citadel in Rartnapura Frozen with history, surrounded by lofty mountains, hallowed with worship and prayer in simple serenity.Writers on Sri lanka and historians have mentioned the existance of four distinct clans in Sri Lanka the Deva clan, The Naaga clan the Yaksha and the Raksha clan.People in Ratnapura District belonged to the Deva clan. Representing thin clan was Sumana a strong able religions district administrator. He was popular and over pavering not merely as a peoples Leader, but as an extremely previleged person blessed to have close access to Lord Buddha, specially on Lord Buddhas three historical visits to Sri lanka.

Visit Bopath Ella.

Bopath Ella

Bopath falls is one of the popular attractions which draws numerous tourists worldwide because of its natural beauty. Bopath Ella is a natural wonder situated close to in kuruwita,RathnapuraThe fall derives its name from its unique heart shaped head which somewhat resembles the leaf of the sacred “Bo Leaf” (Ficus religiosa) .

Day 04 : Udawalawa

Udawalawa national park safari.

Udawalawa National Park

Lying at the borders of the Uva and Sabaragamuwa provinces of Sri Lanka, the national park at Udawalawa was established as a sanctuary for wild animals displaced by the construction of the reservoir crossing Walawe River. Udawalawa is rated for the migrant birds and friendly wild elephants which could be sited at various open locations. Apart from the large herd of elephants of approximately 250 in numbers the rusty-spotted cat, fishing cat and Sri Lankan leopard makes Udawalawa their home. White wagtail, vblack capped kingfisher, cormorants, spot-billed pelican, Asian openbill, painted stork, black headed ibis and Eurasian spoonbill are some migrants that never misses Udawalawa at their travel.

Day 05 & Day 06: Galle

Visit Galle fort.

Dutch Fort, Galle

Dutch Fort at Galle, close to the island’s southernmost point, 173km from Colombo, has the distinction of being the best-preserved sea fort in South Asia. A living heritage site, this 90 hectare (222 acre) attraction is a superb blend of architecture, with fortifications that resemble those in the coastal areas of Portugal. The fall of Galle to the Dutch in 1640 saw its fortifications consolidated further along the lines of the fortified cities of Europe. The Dutch and the English colonial styles are evident in the deep verandahs of houses supported by timber or masonry pillars. Originally established by the Portuguese in the 16th Century, it reached its zenith under Dutch rule in the 18th Century, providing spacious housing, wide roads and all necessary facilities within its walls including an intricate sewage system that was ahead of its time.

Visit Rumassala jungle beach.

Rumassala Jungle Beach

Yet another place to be toured regarding Sri Lankan tourism sites is Rumassala. In colonial era it was known as ‘Buona Vista’ (pleasant view). The legendary chronicle ‘Ramayana’ proclaims that ‘Rumassala’ is a chunk of Himalayan Mountains in India. Rumassala hill gives you a beautiful view of the southern coast of galle.

Colonials used Rumassala as a watering point to fill their crafts with fresh water. Even today we can see the Surplus of the jetty. Now it has become a service centre of ships and crafts. The Rumassala forest has a vast collection of bio diversity. It is yet another home to mammals, birds, insects and reptiles. Some of the indigenous and endemic animals, plants had been survived in the jungle.

Hikkaduwa coral watching.


Things are particularly lively during the annual Hikkaduwa Beach Fest, a three-day beach party in July/August with visiting international DJs and crowds of hedonistic locals and foreigners partying on the beach. Other attractions include excellent local surf, plus good diving and snorkelling. Beach and sea aside, there are also several interesting Buddhist temples around Hikkaduwa, all easily reachable by Tuk-tuk or bicycle – though be very careful cycling along the treacherous Galle Road.

Visit Moonstone factory.

Moonstone Factory in Meetiyagoda

A moonstone is grey in colour and feels cool and smooth to the touch. When polished it has a glow like of the moon. Moonstone’s are in the semi-precious category and are an important component of the Sri Lankan gem industry. The finest are bluish in colour and are found in high concentrations in Meetiyagoda, between Ambalangoda and Hikkaduwa. The nearby villagers believe that this piece of land is blessed by the moon. At the Moonstone Factory you can see or even go down into a narrow shaft where the stones are mined. The visitor centre will provide information relative to the stones while the gift shop on the premises sells moonstones as well as other stones.

Day 07 : Benthota

Madu lake boat ride.

Madu River Safari

The Madu River Safari is popular activity that has to be on the ‘to do’ list of any respectable Sri Lankan holiday goer. This unforgettable activity last for over two hours and gives a visitor a chance to travel the secretive passages through the mangrove forests and see the ecology.

Visit Turtle farm.

The Kosgoda Turtle Care

The Turtle Care Centre at Kosgoda beach is one of 18 turtle hatcheries along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. The centre is located in the South Western coastal village of Kosgoda and was establised in 1981. It is also very popular as all five species of turtles that visit Sri Lanka nest in Kosgoda. This is not so with many of the other hatcheries around the island whose beaches host only some of the species.

The centre functions mainly as a hatchery and makes huge efforts to increase the rate of hatching, and survival of baby turtles in their very initial stages. However, the Care centre also works on sick or injured adults; treating them and releasing them back into the ocean. They also run volunteer programs and awareness programs for local and international visitors.

Visit Bentota fishing harbor.

Bentota Beach

You might expect an overrun and packed beach here, due all the luxury around – but the Bentota beach proves you wrong as the sublime stretch of golden sand could barely make you find another tourist’s footprint around. Experience the luxury and serenity of the golden beaches and green and blue oceans at Bentota.



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